Did you know that single adults are the largest and growing demographic in our country today? People come to this place in many ways. Some of us, including myself, as the result of divorce. An increasing number of people are delaying marriage, or deciding for various reasons that marriage is not for them. The Church, […]

Last Sunday, I preached about wisdom. In preparing for this sermon, I crowd-sourced thoughts on wisdom from my large collection of FaceBook friends. I asked them, “What is the wisest advice you’ve ever received?” and “What are the qualities of the wisest person you know?” In responding, people recalled the wise advice they’ve received from […]

We celebrated Confirmation on Sunday. We Confirmed 6 youth, who organized and led our worship service. I found this class to be extremely inspiring. They each participated in this process thoughtfully and genuinely. Each of them shared meaningful statements of faith. These statements included thoughts on how church is a place where you always know […]

In pondering this text, I found myself struck by how Paul and Silas responded to being beaten and thrown into jail. The text tells us that they “were praying and singing hymns to God.” I began to think of the many times I have experienced difficulty in life. I am more than aware that my […]